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Commentaren: 93
  • #93

    Ninah (dinsdag, 12 oktober 2021 14:47)

    Hii I’m ninah, 15 years old, i live in the Netherlands and I’m looking for a penpal around my age
    Send me an email

  • #92

    Lot van der Horst (maandag, 11 oktober 2021 08:44)


    My name is Lot and I am 21 years old. I am looking for a penpal. I can write in dutch and english.
    I like to talk about art, reading, food, music and many more things.

  • #91

    Suzanme (zondag, 29 augustus 2021 21:38)


    My name is Suzanne you can call me Suzan. I'm 18 years old and live in the Netherlands. We could write in english or Dutch i don't have a prefrence.

    I like outdoor sport, my pets, drawing and painting is one of my hobbies and love music and mc lol.
    I am perfectly fine with anybody but would like someone about my age. I would love to hear from someone soon.

    My mail is:

  • #90

    Monique Slokker (vrijdag, 20 augustus 2021 22:28)

    Ik ben een Monique en woon in Nederland en ik ben 60 jaar en ik zoek penvrienden/vriendinnen over de hele wereld. Ik heb een heleboel interesses maar vooral lezen, voetbal en Il Divo.

  • #89

    Sara (vrijdag, 13 augustus 2021 13:30)

    Hello people,

    my name is Sara and i’m a 16 year old girl who lives in the Netherlands.
    I love to read (preferably YA romance/history). I also love poetry and photographing nature :))

    I would love to have a penpal who is around my age to exchange letters with! <3

    email me if you’re interested:

  • #88

    Anita S. (dinsdag, 10 augustus 2021 11:54)

    Good afternoon/evening all you amazing people!

    I am so excited to find this fantastic website and to hopefully meet and create long-term wonderful friendships all over the world.
    My name is Anita Symington am a single mother of two daughters and we are from Zimbabwe!
    My age is 37 and would be happy to meet new mums in fact all ladies from the ages of 28 years and above from all over Europe and the rest of the world.
    My hobbies are cooking new recipes some baking reading fashion and travel magazines writing letters as I had a few penpals some years ago but I guess life got in the way.
    I like watching fitness programs as I enjoy living healthy as I grow older I actually manage a small online shop for health and awareness products which I love so much.
    Also I like watching romance movies like Pretty Woman and a bit of Action ones not too many lol family dramas sports shows nature documentaries amongst other interesting and positive shows or life programs.I very much love gardening very well I love the smell of all flowers yes I do.Eating chocolate and chewy sweets and perfume.
    Well I will round it up here and hope I never bored anyone who reads my post but brings warmth to your heart instead especially during these critical times of the pandemic we all need a friend to talk with
    I am happy to receive your response through snailmail please we all love getting really cute surprises in the mailbox!

    SLakkenpost - got my adress

  • #87

    Brigitte (dinsdag, 27 juli 2021 22:14)


    My name is Brigitte and I am 16 years old!
    I am looking for a penpal who also lives in the Netherlands and is around my age :)
    I would love to exchange cutely decorated letters or cards with someone so if you're looking for the same thing do consider sending me an email!
    I'd love to listen to anything you want to tell me so if you ever feel like ranting don't hesitate to send me a letter :P

    I really enjoy scrapbooking, reading and being creative in general.

    If you're interested, shoot me an email at and tell me something about yourself!

  • #86

    Dyllène (zaterdag, 24 juli 2021 22:15)

    my name is Dyllène, I’m 16 and looking for a penpal to write to :)
    I like reading, watching movies and show on my phone, I also like to run.
    My email is:

  • #85

    Rani (maandag, 12 juli 2021 13:21)

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Rani and I am 27 years old. I live with my husband in Belgium. I am looking for a pen pal to regularly write letters to each other. You can tell me anything that comes in your mind at that moment (I love to talk!) and of course some answers to each other's letters so that we can get to know each other a little better.

    I like listening to music, reading, doing Postcrossing, doing something nice with friends or family and of course writing letters!

    If you are interested in starting to write letters with me: please send me an email at :-)


  • #84

    Bianca Hoekstra (zondag, 20 juni 2021 19:56)


    My name is Bianca, 42 years old and from The NEtherlands,

    I like to write actual letters with people from Italy or Ireland, as I love to learn Italian and Irish.

    Send me an email at

    Take care !

  • #83

    Wim (maandag, 14 juni 2021 05:27)

    I like female pals not older than 23
    My mail

  • #82

    Matthias apers (zondag, 13 juni 2021 15:56)


    I'm Matthias. I live in Belgium and I search for 2 penpails, 1 how speaks French and 1 how speaks German. I speak Dutch myself . And I really wanne learn French and German. If you wanne learn Dutch or if you want to be my helping hand please let me know

    My email:

  • #81

    Danny (donderdag, 10 juni 2021 09:15)

    Good morning, my name is Danny, I live in the Netherlands.
    My interests are photography, philosophy and faith. Besides work, I find it wonderfully relaxing to scour the banks in search of fish. Fishing is therefore something I like to do, being outside in nature, clearing your head and relaxing, sometimes also getting in touch with people and discussing the most diverse topics.
    That's what fascinates me, meeting strange, new people with whom you can sometimes have very simple conversations, but also very profound ones... The most profound conversations are often the most instructive conversations that can turn your day upside down.

    Do you dare to start a conversation and philosophize about everything that can keep us busy?

    My email address is:
    The first contact will be by email, following by post.

    I look forward to your letter!

  • #80

    Noa (donderdag, 03 juni 2021 15:08)

    Hi! I’m a 21 year old student from the Netherlands. I’m looking for someone to exchange actual letters with, either in English or Dutch :)

    I love reading, writing and anything creative, especially photography! If there’s anyone who would like to write me, my email address is or you can send me a message on Instagram:

  • #79

    Ktje01 (maandag, 17 mei 2021 09:22)


    I am 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I love animals and I am currently doing a study related to animals.

    I also love to read but I can't find any good books so far.
    I would love to be able to exchange some book ideas.

    I also love to walk outdoors. Mostly with my dog. But taking pictures is also something I like.

    I also like to write and i find this a good opportunity to do so. I am looking for someone i can exchange emails with.

    So if you would like to get in contact.

    Email me at

  • #78

    Angela (dinsdag, 11 mei 2021 23:19)

    Hallo, Ik ben Angela. Ik ben 28 jaar. Ik woon in Nederland. Ik leer nu Nederlands, dus ik zou graag in het Nederlandse willen schrijven. Ik komt uit Peru, zo als je Spaans wilt oefenen, kun je mij in het Spaans schrijven :)
    mijn mail is:

  • #77

    Alyssa (dinsdag, 11 mei 2021 10:10)

    Hey reader of this message,

    My name is Alyssa, I’m 17 years old and live in the Netherlands. I like to read books and love animals.
    I am not a very outgoing person, I would choose staying inside with a good book over partying anytime.

    I am looking for a penpal who I can become friends with.
    I would like someone who I can chat with (and maybe send cards to because I think that’s one of the fun things about having a penplan �).

    If you’re interested please send an email to me, even if you’re seeing this a few months after this message posted.
    My mail adres is:

    I hope to get a message from someone soon :)

  • #76

    cassedy (zaterdag, 08 mei 2021 09:20)

    Heyy! Ik ben Cassedy en ik ben 12 jaar oud!
    Ik zoek een pennevriend/vriendin van over de hele wereld maakt niet uit waar.
    het liefst tussen de 12 en 15 jaar oud maar 16 is ook goed.
    meer over mij vertel ik je over de mail!
    ik hoop snel van je te horen!!

    Cassedy Siersma
    ps: mijn e-mail alleen gebruiken als je daadwerkelijk met me wilt praten.

  • #75

    Elisabeth (vrijdag, 30 april 2021 15:15)

    Hi there,
    Mijn name is Elisabeth. I am a big fan of botanic art. I love nature, butterflies, trees, humblebees, plants, all kinds of flowers.I live in the Netherlands and I would like to find a female friend (who is kind of a nerd like me;) with this same kind of interest in nature so we exchange cards with beautiful nature prints on it. So we can grow in our fascination for nature together. And perhaps we can add interesting facts about the particular print of nature.
    So if you are share this same interest,please drop me an email.
    My emailadres is

  • #74

    Anne-Marije (zondag, 11 april 2021 18:52)

    Hi :),
    My name is Anne-Marije, I'm 20 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
    Because of Covid I'm really bored (who isn't haha) so I wanted to give this a try.
    I would really like to meet new people from all over the world and make new friends.
    I hope you'll send me a message some time :)
    my email is:

  • #73

    marten (donderdag, 18 maart 2021 16:23)

    hello, my name is marten. i am 22 years old and live in the netherlands. I love being outdoor but am also down to watch movies and series. since covid hit i am getting realy bored so i thought about making some penpals. you can massege me on

  • #72

    Tom (maandag, 15 maart 2021 09:08)

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Tom, and I am 17 years old. I live in Holland.
    I’m looking for an penpal, and I would like someone who i can speak English with, beacuse I want to improve my English. I’m a big fan of Formula 1 and football, but also politics interests me.

    This message is maybe not written in the best English, i’m sorry. But that is exactly the reason I want somebody to speak with and practice with my English skills!

    See you soon,

    Tom (

  • #71

    elsje1969 (woensdag, 10 maart 2021 15:33)

    Hi everyone. My name is Els and I live in Belgium. I'm 51, divorced with 2 daughters, 24 and almost 21.
    I I like to write about the daily things that happen in our lives. Whether it's good or bad, happy or sad, that doesn't matter. That's what we are friends for. In my free time I enjoy going outside, listening music and of course writing letters. I learned to enjoy the small things in life.
    Only females please around my age. I try to write regularly. But please notice that sometimes life can take over and it may take a while before I reply. That doesn't mean I don't want to write anymore.
    If you'd like to become penpals, please tell me a bit more about yourself and not only 'Hi I want to be pals'. Also keep in mind that if we agree to start writing, I would like you to write the first letter. Through all these years of penpalling, i have sent out so many intro letters to people who wanted to become friends, without getting any reply.
    Looking forward to hear from you. Take care and have a lovely evening.

  • #70

    Alisha (vrijdag, 26 februari 2021 09:40)


    My name is Alisha and im a 15 year old girl from the Netherlands. I’m interested in having a penpal from Europe between the age of 14 and 16, girl,boy,they/them , doesn’t matter for me :) , it doesn’t really matter what country in Europe though.

    Okay some things about me:
    I like playing guitar, hanging out with friends, reading and writing.
    Im quite obsessed with music , and id like to hear from other people what their music intrests are :)

    Send me an email if your intrested! And have a great day! :))


  • #69

    Annmusoke (vrijdag, 26 februari 2021 09:26)

    Am called annmusoke from Uganda and I have 2 sisters and 4brothers.i stay with only my father died in car accident when I was still hobbies are going to church,read the Bible, making friends, exchange photos, listening to music and writing looking for email penpals to write to me both male and female .they should be from UK, USA,Germany, Netherlands, Europe and email address
    You can write to me.
    Bye ann

  • #68

    Marije (donderdag, 25 februari 2021 12:13)


    I'm Marije and I'm a 20 year old student from the Netherlands. I study psychology and I'm in the last year of my bachelor. My hobbies include baking, knitting, bullet journaling, collaging, reading, watching series/movies, hiking and sometimes photography.
    I'm looking for a penpal who is about my age and has similar interests. Where you're from doesn't matter.

    I'd love to write actual letters (not emails) and maybe send small things with them such as photo's. I can write in both English and Dutch.

    If you're interested please send an email:

    Best wishes,

  • #67

    Shichi (woensdag, 24 februari 2021 19:02)

    Hi, I'm Shichi,

    I'm 20 years old and from the Netherlands. I recently started learning Japanese and I'm looking for a penpal from Japan, between the age of 18 till 25. I like anime, I'm a cosplayer, I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. I like reading and I'm an Audiovisuele Specialist Student, first year. I can tell you more about me, but let's talk first through email.


  • #66

    Bibi (woensdag, 24 februari 2021 00:33)

    Ik doe het maar even in het Nederlands, omdat ik me daar het beste in kan uitdrukken en het, denk ik, ook het leukst vind om contact te hebben in het Nederlands :)
    Ik ben 17, bijna 18, maar leeftijd maakt me eigenlijk niets uit.
    Zelf ervaar ik ook meer connectie met volwassenen/mensen van een andere, hogere, leeftijd dan ik zelf, dus iedereen is welkom!! Ook hoe je jezelf identificeert of op wie je valt is allemaal oké, zelf val ik ook op vrouwen. Alles is goed! :)
    Ik zit in m’n eerste jaar op de kunstacademie, ik studeer deels autonome kunst, deels de docentenopleiding. Dus over kunst praten is altijd goed!
    Ik ben gek op taal en schrijven, op m’n dierbaren om me heen, op wandelen, het gevoel wat lente je geeft, op koeien, de kleuren groen en blauw, ‘s nachts alleen film kijken en ga zo maar door. Ik ben ook spiritueel, ik praat er ook graag over, dus wie weet komt dat ook wel naar voren in ons contact (:
    We leren elkaar natuurlijk ook beter kennen tijdens het contact wat we met elkaar hebben :)
    Dit is ‘n vrij impulsieve onderneming van mij, m’n gevoel zei: “Doe het.”, dus hier ben ik.
    Als ik iemand een berichtje zou sturen, kies ik diegene eigenlijk ook met m’n gevoel, dus doe dat vooral ook bij mij!!
    Ik kijk uit naar mogelijke e-mails (en wie weet ooit op papier)! :)


  • #65

    Sylvana (woensdag, 17 februari 2021 17:48)

    Hi :)

    I am a 16 year old girl and i’m from The Netherlands but I go to school in Belgium now. I love nature, watching documentaries, cooking, doing work outs, learning new things, pottery and listening to music. I’m looking for a pen pal that’s between 16 and 18 yrs old. Nationality doesn’t matter.

    We can get to know each other via:

  • #64

    Larz (maandag, 15 februari 2021 19:29)

    Hi , I am a 17 year old boy from the city Utrecht. I loke sports and I hate school.
    I am looking for a nice penpal from anothe country to write and get a friend.
    Due to corona we do not have school and i like to keep active in english and spend my time on something nice other than sleeping and gaming.

    Hope to get post soon


    Larz ( E-mail:

  • #63

    Celien S. (maandag, 15 februari 2021 19:09)


    Im interested in having a penpal from France. Especially to create a friendship but also to improve my French.

    It doesn’t matter how old he or she is, every age is good to make a friend.

    Please keep me posted if you know someone who is interested in having a Belgian penpal.

    Thank you

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Celien Snyers

  • #62

    silvia (zondag, 14 februari 2021 00:37)

    hi! im sil and im from the netherlands. im looking for someone from japan or someone that speaks japanese to send letters with. i studied in japan for 6 months, and i want to continue studying the language. so i would like to write letters in japanese, and also do snailmail and pictures and that stuff! i dont mind gender, sexuality and that stuff, just someone around 18-25 years old :) send me an email if you're interested!! ☺️

  • #61

    Romy (donderdag, 11 februari 2021 22:53)


    My name is Romy but you can call me Room if u like. I'm 20 years old, live near Nijmegen, I own a cat and this is the year I'm graduating from my design study. This Is also the first time I'm doing this so excuses my noobieness.

    My hobbies are gaming, design, listening to stories and I appreciate a good movie night. I also like horror related stuff like horror games of movies. I don't know what it is but I guess I like the thrill of not getting any sleep because I'm too afraid to close my eyes.

    I can write in Dutch and English. And if u like to talk more frequently we can connect on discord! We could even write real letters or we just stick with the e-mails, its all fine with me!!

    I would love to get to know some people outside my regular circle. Maybe even get some gaming buddies, who knows!

    You can write me

    Let's be friends!

  • #60

    Eva (zaterdag, 06 februari 2021 14:44)

    Hiii, my name is Eva and I am 17 years old. I live in the Netherlands. I would love to have a penpal.
    I like to walk and go on adventures on my free time.
    Hit me up if you like to write me!
    My e-mail:

  • #59

    Marleen Muijsert (zondag, 31 januari 2021 16:06)

    My name is Marleen and I like to send handmade 3d cards, in the Netherlands or to other countries,
    do you like to receive handmade cards or something other, a view card from the Netherlands.
    Nice to receive a mail from you.
    Music and reading are also interests.

    e-mail: Marleen.

  • #58

    Bianca (vrijdag, 29 januari 2021 16:37)


    My name is Bianca and I am 23 years old. I am currently in my third year of my bachelor students. I love making scented candles, reading books, writing and drawing in my bullet journal, watching series, baking and hiking. I speak Dutch, German and English. I am looking for a penpal of any age and any country to share stories about daily life, thoughts and maybe pictures. It would be nice if we have similar interests.

    I'd perfer to send letters in a later stage instead of e-mailing.

    Hope to hear from you soon. E-mail me at

    Greetings and love,

  • #57

    Jose Bos (zaterdag, 23 januari 2021 18:34)

    Hello My name is Jose i am 55 years old and live in the Netherlands,I work in a nursery home as volunteer and i study for getting a paid job there,My hobbies are music singing playing the native american flute reading and more,I search international penpals to exchange interests hobbies culture ect Also its possible to send emails

  • #56

    Eden (zaterdag, 16 januari 2021 21:38)

    Hoihoi! Ik ben Eden en ik woon in Nederland (Rotterdam)
    Ik ben al langere tijd opzoek naar een penpal. Een gezellig persoon, leeftijd, sexualiteit of wat dan ook maakt me echt niet uit :)
    Ik speel in voorstellingen (musicals en films), leer surfen en skaten, hou van gezelligheid, spontane dingen zoals op een willekeurige trein springen en kijken waar we uitkomen, nieuwe plekken en mensen leren kennen. Mijn vrienden zeggen altijd dat je zo een soap serie van m’n leven zou kunnen maken duss saaie brieven zullen er niet bij zitten ;)
    Het lijkt me super leuk om even je te verdiepen in andermans leven en gezellig te praten over van alles en nog wat. Leuke brieven, muziek uitwisselen, misschien foto’s erbij of andere leuke dingen :)
    Het zou super leuk zijn als je me een mailtje stuurt als je geïnteresseerd bent :

  • #55

    Myrhe (vrijdag, 15 januari 2021 10:20)

    Hi, my name is Myrhe and I would like to have a penfriend! I’m looking for someone that wants to send letters, not emails or something online. I’d rather have a friend that is a girl or non-binary! I’m Dutch, but is it possible to have a penfriend that’s from another country? I hope you know someone that is a perfect match for me!
    Regards, Myrhe (email:

  • #54

    Anne Marieke (vrijdag, 01 januari 2021 19:48)

    My name is Anne Marieke. I’m 19 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I have always wanted to find a penpal and during this pandemic it seemed like the perfect time to connect with others from around the world.

    I would love to get in contact with someone from the UK. I always loved the English language and culture and hope to get to know it even better.

    Send me an email if you are interested!!

  • #53

    Megan (vrijdag, 01 januari 2021 19:13)


    Het lijkt mij leuk om met mensen in contact te komen via het schrijven van brieven en/of mails. Dingen te leren van andere mensen, en onze interesses en passies met elkaar te delen.
    Ik ben 18 jaar oud en studeer verloskunde. Een paar dingen die ik leuk vind zijn lezen, natuur en yoga/meditatie.

    Leeftijd en geslacht maakt niet uit, ook onze interesses hoeven niet hetzelfde te zijn als we maar over die van elkaar kunnen praten!

    I think it would be nice to get in touch with people by writing letters and/or emails. To learn things from other people, and share our interests and passions with each other.
    I am 18 years old and studying obstetrics. A few things I like are reading, nature and yoga/meditation.

    Age and gender doesn't matter, also our interests don't have to be the same as long as we can talk about those of each other!


  • #52

    Fleur Worseling (woensdag, 30 december 2020 00:04)

    Hi everyone,
    I’m Fleur.
    I am almost 16 years old and i live in the Netherlands. I’ve always liked the idea of having a friend in Scandinavia or France to write letters with. I have an obsession with Scandinavia and my biggest dream is to move houses to Denmark or Sweden when i’m older. I also want to improve my French, because i really love the language. My passion is football and i like to travel. I’m really into adventures. If your at the age of 14-18 and have interest, you can send me an e-mail:
    Looking forward to your e-mail!

  • #51

    Lilli (maandag, 28 december 2020 17:49)

    my name is Lilli. I'm German and I study photography in Den Haag in my 4th year now.
    I am quite shy and don't find it easy to talk to people in person, that's why I prefer writing.
    I would love to find a pen pal (English or German, my Dutch is not so good) to exchange thoughts, stories and maybe pictures with.

    Also, I am working on my graduation project and I would love to connect with fellow introverts/ shy people to exchange experiences and find the beauty of being quiet.

    Please send me any message or thoughts:

    Best wishes,

  • #50

    Mariette H. (maandag, 21 december 2020 13:34)

    Graag zou ik coresponderen in het portugees met een senior, vrouw/man uit Portugal.
    Ik spreek en schrijf al aardig wat portugees, bezocht het land een heel aantal malen.
    Gaarne wil ik uitwisselen over de taal, cultuur,natuur, de gewoonten, en wat verder
    aan bod kan komen, over Portugal en Nederland. Ik fotografeer graag.
    Ik woon in Nederland, Noord-Holland, nabij Amsterdam.
    Vriendelijke groet,
    Mariette Hoogeland


    I would like to play in Portuguese with a senior, female/male from Portugal.
    I already speak and write quite a bit of Portuguese, visited the country a lot of times.
    I would like to exchange about the language, culture, nature, customs, and what else
    portugal and the Netherlands. I like to photograph.
    I live in the Netherlands, North Holland, near Amsterdam.
    Mariette Hoogeland

  • #49

    Monique (maandag, 30 november 2020 08:39)


    I'm looking for a penpal of my age in China, through snake mail because I am learning Chinese.

    I am female, 60 years old and live in The Netherlands (Europe). I live with my husband. My great grandmother was Chinese. She married in Indonesië to my Dutch great grandfather. I only know she was called Jiejie, meaning 'older sister'.
    I'd love to get to know the country of China in all it's aspects.

    Ps. aks Slakkenpost 4 my email.

    Kind regards,

  • #48

    Maité (zondag, 29 november 2020 00:33)

    Ik ben Maité en ik ben 18 jaar oud, ik ben geboren en woon ook in België maar ik ben ook half van spaanse nationaliteit. Ik kan dus vloeiend Nederlands en Spaans, verder ben ik ook goed in Engels en matig in het Frans. Ik zou het leuk vinden om een penpal te hebben :) Brieven, voor elkaar playlists maken, vragen schrijven die we elkaar beantwoorden in de volgende brief, tekeningen,... (en zo veel meer, dit kunnen we bespreken) deze dingen zouden me leuk lijken om elkaar te versturen!
    Als je intresse hebt kan je me contacteren op:

    My name is Maité and I am 18 years old, I was born and I live in Belgium but I am also half Spanish. That means that I am fluent in Dutch and Spanish, I also speak English and in French I'm reasonable. I would love to have a penpal :) Letters, playlists that we can make for eachother, question and anwsers as we send back and forward, stickers, drawings, ... (and so much more, we can discuss what we're going to include) these things would be lovely to send eachother!
    If you are interested you can mail me at:

  • #47

    Puck (zondag, 22 november 2020 11:14)

    Hoi, ik ben puck en ik maak vaak slakkenpost voor mijn familie maar het leek me leuk om ook een x te beginnen aan slakkenpost voor andere mensen te maken:). Ik ben 14 jaar en woon in Nederland (Friesland). Ik zit op turnen voor al bijna mijn hele leven lol. Ik heb 3 katten. Ik zoek een penpal uit nederland omdat verzenden naar het buitenland te duur voor mij is/:. Ik hoop dat iemand geïnteresseerd is! Zo ja dan kan je me een mailtje sturen naar:

    Groetjes Puck

  • #46

    Lhamo (maandag, 16 november 2020 12:06)

    Nou, ik ben Lhamo. Ik ben 21 jaar. Ik heb dit nog nooit gedaan en weet ook niet zo goed wat ik ervan moet verwachten. Maar het lijkt me super leuk om te beginnen met mailen en zo leuke nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten. Ik ben niet de beste schrijver, maar ik vind het wel leuk in ieder geval. Dat is belangrijk I guess haha.

    Hi, I'm Lhamo from the Netherlands. I'm 21 years old. I'm very new when in comes to this, but I'm very curious. I'd love to start by mail and writing people from all over text world. Getting to know more about them and their culture.

    I may not be the best writer, but I do enjoy writing. That's the most important, right.

    So if you wanna give this rookie a chance and be his pen pal, I'd love to hear from you.


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    Natasha (zondag, 15 november 2020 10:11)

    Hi I am Natasha from East Africa I live in this beautiful country called Kenya. I would love to have a penpal who I could write to since am learning Netherlands.
    If you want to be my penpla please feel free to email me I can not wait to respond to you.
    Email: r

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    Sylvana (vrijdag, 13 november 2020 13:49)

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Sylvana and I am 22 years old. I live in the Netherlands and I am currently studying nursing. My passion lies in disabled care.

    I am looking for a penfriend because I would like to meet new people digitally or in writing. Due to the corona virus, I have fewer social contacts.

    I speak Dutch and English. If you are interested you can email me at:

    Warm Regards