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Commentaren: 34
  • #34

    Maud (vrijdag, 11 september 2020 09:30)

    Hi, my name is Maud. I'm a sixteen years old girl from the Netherlands. I'd love to have a penpal, so I have someone to write with and send pretty letters :) I don't really care about your gender or where you're from, the only thing is that I don't speak any other languages then Dutch and English. I hope I hear back :)

  • #33

    Kaylee (zondag, 06 september 2020 20:12)


    I am Kaylee from the Netherlands. I’m trying to learn Italian, so I hope I can find an Italian penpal.

    Feel free to contact me at

  • #32

    Precious (vrijdag, 04 september 2020 12:33)

    Hi! My name is Precious,
    I am 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Since covid-19 I lost a lot of friends. I am looking for some new friends to exchange mails with.
    I’d love to talk to someone from around the age of 15-25. The gender doesn’t matter. I speak fluent Dutch and English, so we can talk in one of those languages. Or both! My email is:

  • #31

    Annabel (zondag, 09 augustus 2020 20:35)


    My name is Annabel and I'm 21 years old. I would love to have a penpal whom I can connect with. I love to make new friends. Feel free to contact me. My emailadres is

  • #30

    Rowie (woensdag, 29 juli 2020 19:37)


    I'm Rowie, a woman of 22 who lives in Belgium. I love love love to write and create new friendships. I'm all about handwrited letters, it's something in the way they make me feel :) Feel free to contact me in dutch or in english on this e-mail:

  • #29

    Marc Dierickx (zaterdag, 25 juli 2020 13:21)

    Hallo, ik ben Marc, 57 jaar jong, ongehuwd en geen kinderen, verblijf in een woon- en zorgcentrum, waar nog een totale lockdown heerst en ik dus op zoek ben om met andere mensen in contact te komen, misschien kennis te maken en voorts zien we wel. Ik ben dus Nederlandstalig maar wil gerust ook in andere talen mailen, bij voorkeur Engels of Duits, dus wie wil, doe maar in één van die talen. Wil je nog meer weten, stuur een mailtje naar Ik verwacht vol spanning jullie mailtjes. Groetjes uit België. Marc.

  • #28

    Bianca (donderdag, 23 juli 2020 19:57)

    My name is bianca, I live in the Netherlands.
    I’m 48 years old.
    I’m looking for � mail friends over the world.
    I write in German, English and Dutch.
    My hobby: writing letters and snail mail, photography etc.
    I’m waiting for your snail mail. My mail

  • #27

    Dion (maandag, 15 juni 2020 16:34)

    My name is Dion and i am a single man from 57 and live in the Netherland. Iwould like to mail with woman between 25 and 55 years old from over the whole world.
    Mye mail address is: dion.kniest@
    I am looking forwards for your letter.
    Warm regards

  • #26

    Maria (maandag, 15 juni 2020 15:01)

    Hi, i'm maria I'm 15 years old and from the Netherlands. I would really love to have some penpals to mail with. I'm in the 9th grade and I would love to improve my English or German.
    My e-mail is
    Feel free to mail me :)

  • #25

    Dorrith (zaterdag, 06 juni 2020 22:12)

    Hey everyone!
    I am Dorrith from the Netherlands. I'm 19 years old and I am searching for a friend to write letters to in Spanish or in French 'cause I like to practise these languages so please send me a mail: if you want !

  • #24 (donderdag, 04 juni 2020 15:49)

    Hallo Ik ben Elly, 74 jr. woon in Noord Holland. Wie heeft er zin om met mij te schrijven. Liefst mensen tussen de 70 en 80 jr. Brede interesse . Hou van lezen, musea en stadswandelingen,puzzelboek en legpuzzel en spelletjes. Kom op, wie durft? Gr, Elly.

  • #23

    Marianne (woensdag, 06 mei 2020 23:30)

    Bonjour à tous. Je m'appelle Marianne, j'ai 53 ans. Début d'un cours de français. J'aimerais maintenant envoyer un courriel aux personnes qui aiment aussi écrire en français. Quelqu'un de France serait bien. Mais je serais heureux s'il y avait quelqu'un avec qui pratiquer mon français. Salutations Marianne

    Hallo allemaal.
    Mijn naam is Marianne 53 jaar oud. Ben begonnen met een cursus Frans. Nu wil ik graag mailen met mensen die het ook leuk vinden in het Frans te schrijven.
    Iemand uit Frankrijk zou mooi zijn.
    Maar ben al blij als er iemand is om mijn Frans mee te oefenen.
    Groetjes Marianne

  • #22

    Eva and Sara (donderdag, 23 april 2020 19:22)

    Hallo, We are Eva and Sara. We are from the Netherlands. We would like to send nice cards with someone, Like snail mail. We are 14 and 13. Gender isn't important.

  • #21

    Cat (maandag, 23 maart 2020 10:54)

    Hi there! My name is Cat, and I would love to write handwritten letters as well as receive them. Age and gender aren't important. I am from Belgium, 34, married recently and have 2 small children. We moved to the countryside just a week ago. Before that we lived in the city, Antwerp... It is a huge adjustment, so lots and lots to write about. I like to sing, work in our garden, I meditate and paint ( watercolors ) and I love movies and books. I'd like to get to know people from all over the world. Writing in English is a must...
    Please write to me and I promise to write you back and include a drawing.
    Cat Vreys
    Hollebeek 125
    9140 Temse

  • #20

    Chelsey (maandag, 02 maart 2020 17:40)

    Hy. My name is chelsey and i'm 16 years old. Im living in Belgium. The sex doesn't really care also the age.
    I hope to send you mails

  • #19

    Evi (vrijdag, 21 februari 2020 10:32)

    Ik zou graag met iemand van internationale willen schrijven het maakt niet uit hoe jong of oud je bent. Liefst iemand die in Nederlands schrijft. Ik woon zelf in belgie.
    Je zou me heel blij maken dat ik met iemand uit internationale kan schrijven dat is eigelijk mij droom hopelijk kun/kan jij me waarmaken
    Dit is men email adres
    Grtjes evi

  • #18

    Ingrid Van Haarlem (maandag, 03 februari 2020 02:54)

    hello, my name is Ingrid. I like to write letters, it is my hobby since 1995. But because I have no money to buy stamps; I like to find friends with e-mail.
    I am 68 years old, retired with many interests. I love knitting, reading, watch dedectives on tv, music, dancing, walking..... But because I have much pain ( artrosis) sometimes I can't do nothing more than write ot knit/handwork. So if you are interested, please let me know. in Nederelands, english español français.

  • #17

    Guusje (donderdag, 30 januari 2020 17:27)

    I like to write and like to sing and act. I am dutch so yeah. i am also looking for a penpal of an age 13 14 or so and i am 13 myself

  • #16

    Nienke Hopmans (maandag, 06 januari 2020 19:20)

    Hi, I’m Nienke and I am 12 years old. I’m from the Netherlands and I would like to write with people all over the world. My hobbies are: dancing and I like to swim.
    My e-mail:

  • #15

    Jeanette (donderdag, 12 december 2019 18:56)

    Hi, I am Jeanette and 49 years old. I am from the Netherlands. I should like to write with people from all over the world. I speak English, French, German and of course Dutch. My hobbies, are: reading, writing, music, my two little dogs and a cat. If you want to write me or send snailmail please send an e-mail to
    I am looking forward to it. Have a nice day

  • #14

    Astrid (vrijdag, 15 november 2019 08:00)

    I'm looking for a pen pal for a friend.
    Who wants to write with Anthony? He is 56 years old and living in prison in the USA.
    He has no contact outside the prison besides me and is very lonely. He is interested in all kinds of people, nationality, etc. He is studying Moorish science, but also interested in other religion. In prison he has trained dogs.
    He would be glad with only a card (Christmas is coming), but he would be totally glad with a pen pal who writes him once in a while.
    His adress is:
    Anthony Winfield # 43437
    Potosi Corr. Center
    11593 State Highway O
    Mineral Point, Missouri, 63660

  • #13

    Deborah (woensdag, 13 november 2019 18:48)

    Hi iam Deborah from the Netherlands iam 34 years old. Do you like to write with me let me know.

  • #12

    Talitha (woensdag, 30 oktober 2019 19:03)

    Hallo, i come out de netherlands

  • #11

    Talitha (woensdag, 30 oktober 2019 18:28)

    Hallo, i am Talitha. I am 10 years old. I would a mailfriend (a girl). My mailadress is Bye, Talitha

  • #10

    simon (zaterdag, 05 oktober 2019 13:48)

    Hello ,

    I am a 44 yr old man from The Netherlands and would love to write with people from all over the world.

    Mt hobbys are kickboxing, fitness, walking, writing, and more.

    I hope to hear from all soon.

    My email: dukes-of-simon1@live

    subject: Slakkenpost

  • #9

    Azul (dinsdag, 01 oktober 2019 10:16)

    I am looking for friends for friendship and exchange of letters ( penpals )... I am 55 years old man , married, I have two boys... I live in a mountainous region in Algeria, not far from the Mediterranean Sea... my mother language is the Berber, but I speak and i understand French and English...
    here is my email:

  • #8

    Karel Horsehoof (dinsdag, 10 september 2019 08:47)

    Dear international penpals,
    I am in second grade of secondary school and I would like to have a German-speaking penpall that could help me with my German by sending me German letters so I have the job to decode them. I will send "German" letters back as well.
    Kind regards,

  • #7

    Tahar (donderdag, 29 augustus 2019 21:03)

    im interested for penpals ,

  • #6 (vrijdag, 17 mei 2019 14:01)

    my name is kimberley
    Ik life in holland
    and i am 25 years old who would like to swap with my?
    contact us by e-mail

  • #5

    Corella bakker (maandag, 22 april 2019 21:02)

    My name is corella bakker iam 44 jears old and i live in the nederlands near by amsterdam my hobby.s are reading and write and music and art .

  • #4

    Elvis (woensdag, 26 december 2018 15:11)

    Hello, I am Elvis, 36 years ,I live and work in Northampton,England as Security officer. I used to have penpals years ago while in High School. I am looking for new female friend from Holland above 25
    Address: 33 Alcombe Rd, Northampton, NN1 3LE, England

  • #3

    Jilly (zondag, 02 september 2018 12:52)

    I’m Jilly. I’m 19 years old and living in the Netherlands. I’m studying for journalist. My hobbies are classical ballet, drawing, Reading and writing.

    I’d like to have someone to write with, to make my english better and to know more from all the cultures and lives around the world because I love that kind of stories!

  • #2

    Lara (donderdag, 22 februari 2018 17:58)

    Hi! I’m Lara and I come from Slovenia. I’m 16 years old. I’ve been penpaling for about a year now and I would love to have some new penpals!
    My email is:

  • #1

    OLADAPO (donderdag, 01 februari 2018 21:11)

    Wondering if I'll ever meet friendship or love.

    Are you a Globe trotter?

    I am Musodiq,26,a university graduate, studied linguistics and communication, speak fluent English and Yoruba.

    I work as a sales representative and a freelance graphics designer also as a motivational speaker usually live on facebook.

    I love globe trotting anytime I find the means to. My perspective about life is that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet,or lovers, or even spouses. Absolutely every person you know started off as a stranger. But then you struck up a conversation, and the rest was history... No specific requests, I hope to meet people from all walks of life. My IG is xplicitcreativity
    Email :

    How are you ??

    Don't be shy come on.